November 3, 2011

Doc says “Just Say No To Drugs”

Doc says “Just Say No To Drugs”

Andrew Robinson Elementary recently celebrated
“Just Say No To Drugs” (Red Ribbon Week) with the
excitement of a Jacksonville Jaguars or
Jacksonville Giants game. Starting off the “Just Say No”
week activities was a visit by Dr. Donnie Horner,
Education Commissioner for Mayor Alvin Brown. This
being his third visit to the Home of the Rockets.

A Doc In The Schoolhouse
“Doc” as he is happy to be called brought excitement
and exuberance to the primary grade students (Pre-K to 2nd)
during the “Just Say No To Drugs” assembly. The partnership
between local government and education can be a powerful
collaboration that can positively affect the educational
direction of students.

Partnerships can contribute to community buy in to
supporting schools and building moral in teachers.
The term, “it takes a village to raise leaders”
can be applied to the works that community partnerships
can create such as the Mayor Alvin Brown's office and
local schools.

There is more to influencing youth to stay away from
drugs than chanting or singing. Role modeling, high
expectations, continuous education and students
understanding that adults really care about their
health and well being are key components. Students
follow examples of adults and their actions are louder
than words statement has a meaning that goes
further than can be imagined.

The students of Andrew Robinson gained wisdom from
the teaching of Dr. Horner, other guest speakers and
the classroom activities during the week.

It takes continuous and consistent education, the
rewards of the “Just Say No” campaign are our
children to keep them drug free and staying drug
free. What other better works and rewards can
we give our children than education and the
skills to stay away from drugs and alcohol?

A big “Thank you” to Dr. Horner and others that
contributed to keeping our students knowledgeable
and empowered to say “NO” to drugs and alcohol
and yes to education.

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