October 29, 2011

A Giant Comes To Andrew Robinson

A Giant Comes To Andrew Robinson

Similar to the story Gulliver's Travels (1726) a giant recently visited the young men of Andrew Robinson Elementary School. This giant was not stranded on an island like the story by Jonathan Swift, but visited ARE to bring encouragement, friendship and instill the value and power of education, and importance of going to college.

Allie Schmidt of Public and Community Relations with the Jacksonville Giants organization made this awesome and educationally potent visit possible, extending the hand of partnership and cooperation between the Jacksonville Giants and Andrew Robinson Elementary School.
Attending the visit and providing light entertainment was Mr. Biggs the mascot of the Jacksonville Giants ABA team.

The week of “Jacksonville Goes To College” provided students at Andrew Robinson a visit from Andrew Dikas, a talented Jacksonville Giant basketball player. Mr. Dikas spoke to the fourth and fifth grade young men about the importance of getting a quality education. He praised how education provides the tools for students to take care of themselves and their families when these young men grow into adults. Relating to his
experiences growing up in South Florida and attending Nova High, excelling in athletics and working hard to make good grades. Mr. Dikas shared with the students how he had dreams when he was in elementary school, but knew he had to have a college education to make them come true.

Mr. Dikas talked about graduating from Brewton-Parker College with a Bachelors degree so he could be prepared not just in sports, but in business. To have more than just basketball skills to live on, but skills that will last a lifetime through education. Mr. Dikas shared that it takes talent, determination, and sacrifice to play professional sports, but many try out for sports and few really make it.

He talked about the importance not to rely just on sports as a career, that having a college education is important because it provides a foundation for a better life and gives a person something to fall back on for support.

Mr. Dikas and the Jacksonville Giants are the Southeast Division basketball champions in the American Basketball Association with a record of 23 wins and no losses. The Jacksonville Giants have formed a community partnership with DCPS; Andrew Robinson Elementary School was honored to be the first school to be visited this school year by a Jacksonville
Giants player and looks forward to more visits and participation by the Jacksonville Giants organization to help develop great minds that are college bound and career successes.

Andrew Robinson Elementary Physical Education teacher William Jackson appreciates the time that community members like the Jacksonville Giants take to come to the elementary school to share their experiences in life and the importance of education. Coach Jackson a teacher with DCPS and a Professor at Edward Waters College sees the importance of a
strong foundation from elementary school through college and encourages students to set high goals, develop strong academic work habits and the importance of reading every day creates lifelong learners.

Photos of the Jacksonville Giants visit:
Jacksonville Giants

Written by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Andrew Robinson Elementary
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Jacksonville Giants
Jacksonville Giants

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