November 29, 2011

Where are the Christians

Where are the Christians

The death of a young man at any time is an unfortunate
reality. To add insult to injury is the lack of
seemingly Godly compassion, Christian sensibilities
and Faithful devotion to a God that does not like chaos
nor confusion.

I was confused, my faith challenged and my Christian
sensibilities questioned when Christopher Thompson
suddenly and tragically died this Thanksgiving

A young man in his twenties, not even discovering his
talents, gifts and direction in life. Loved by many,
seen as a role model. Chris was NOT seen as a thug,
gangsta, hip hop wanna be, playa nor a baby daddy,
or sperm donor.

Chris graduated from high school, was working and
productive, he was contributing to society in a
positive way. His coworkers loved him, his parents
were proud of him and his brothers looked up to
him. If you could have seen the young men in
attendance paying their respects it would make
parents proud. They were young men, respectable,
intelligent and honorable. It was an honor serving
meals to young men who were respectable and mannerable.

They were Chris's friends so they deserved respect
from and older man such as myself.

IMHO to give insult to injury and to add to my
confusion the Head Pastor of the Thompson’s church,
I believe did not contact the family, did not visit
the family’s home, nor did he Preach at the funeral.
What has become of our men of God, are they so high
and mighty that they can demean a Christian family
to the point where they send subordinate or associate
Pastors to do a service that I’m sure should have
been performed by the head NPIC.

What are the protocols to comfort a grieving family
when their son is killed? The Head Shepherd should be
involved to comfort, show compassion, begin the
healing process and then support with associate or
subordinate pastors last not send them first and not
even show up at the funeral.

These are my feelings about the mission and vision
of so called elevated shepherds that seem to downcast
their sheep, their flocks because they are not
important enough when one of the sheep’s children dies,
the flock seems not to notice nor give credence to
the tragic loss.

As a past Church administrator, an educator of over
20 years, and having “served” as an Armorbearer for
an Apostle, Pastor and Bishop.
I have seen and helped these men of God go out their
way to Preach at funerals, visit the sick and shut-in,
perform last rights of those dying,and rushed to those
involved in accidents and injury. Where have our
Men of God’s priorities gone to that they cannot
perform these tasks even when death is involved?

I’m not a member of the Thompson’s church, but
still I’m a Christian. I’m a family friend of the
Thompson’s along with my fiancée’ and her family.
My fiancée’s family cooked all night to serve food
to the family and friends after the funeral.

We helped setup a church “New Life Evangelistic” for
serving the family and friends of Chris Thompson after
the funeral service. The Thompson’s own church could
not even provide a place for the family to eat and
receive family and friends. We bought food and
drink, served these to our fellow Christians during
their grieving time. Where was the home church???
There was no one offering to help serve, no one
offering to help bring sustenance to the elderly
attending or comforting the grieving.

Not looking for money or accolades, but being good
Christians. My fiancée and her sister has a catering
service Sister2Sister Catering, but did not ask to be
reimbursed, they helped their friends and family when
others that claim to be Faithful and Christians did
NOT offer to help obtain food,setup to “serve” their
own members nor did they offer to clean up.

Where was the Faith and where were the Christians.
It gives further credence to Mohandas Gandhi when he
stated, “I like your Christ, I do not like your
Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ..”
This is my opinion not representative of the Thompson
family in any way, but they needed support from Faithful
Christians, where was the support when they needed it?
What good are Mega churches and Mega Pastors and Bishops
when their flocks suffer tragic losses, but they are not
even caring enough to see about their grieving flocks when
one dies?

The holidays are upon us, this is an especially hard
time of loosing a child for anyone,but have churches
lost their sensibilities, compassion and focus that
they cannot even lend a helping hand? Will the Thompson’s
ever receive a comforting embrace from their Pastor,
will their home be blessed by a visit from the HNPIC
or are they only worth an associate pastor. I guess maybe
if they increased their tithes and offerings or just
stopped all together they would get more attention from
the HNPIC.

This is just my opinion.

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