November 14, 2011

Reverend Richard Lee Wilson, Sr.

Reverend Richard Lee Wilson, Sr. 1926 - 2011
A Voice Not Silenced
by William Jackson and Cheryl Williams

Even though Reverend Wilson has passed, death
still does not have the victory.
Reverend Richard Lee Wilson, Sr, still lives in
the hearts and minds he has touched with his biblical
and spiritual teachings.

This icon of Pastoral stature was recently honored
for his self-sacrifice and service not only to West
Friendship Baptist Church, but to the service of
Jacksonville, Florida and more importantly
the service to the Lord.

The passing of Reverend Wilson is a physical passing,
but his spirit, his soul; the true essence of this
powerful teacher of life and bible will live on
through his words to each of us.

Whether in the pulpit, the choir, or in private
conversations his words had power and meaning. They
will endure in each of us that had the honor and
privilege to have Reverend Wilson in our

Reverend Wilson was many things to many people;
role model, educator, father, grandfather, great
grandfather, brother, confidant,
spiritual leader, community activist, and Man of God.

The quintessential purpose of being a Reverend is
the saving of souls. That is the mission of Men of
God, to expand the kingdom of God through biblical
teachings. Rev. Wilson performed his duties for over
55 years in the service to Jesus Christ.

No words can truly express the kindness Rev. Wilson
showed, the sacrifices he and his family has endured
in their “good works”, the love he has expressed, the
teaching and mentoring he has conducted, even the
individual homes he has blessed, children
christened and those he baptized renewing their commitment
to Jesus Christ.

Reverend Wilson was a unique and out of the box
“Man of God”, having paid members rent, mortgages,
utility bills, and even helping to put children through
college during his leadership at West Friendship.
There are none like him in this age of mega-churches,
television ministries and social media pastors. There
are no others like him and no others that can imitate,
simulate nor can anyone duplicate him.

Rev. Wilson was the first African American Housing
Inspector under the late Mayor Louis Ritter (1961-1971).

This is my fiancĂ©e’s and my tribute to our beloved
Reverend. Thanks be to God for empowering Rev. Wilson
with knowledge, wisdom, anointing, and vision to build
West Friendship Baptist Church to continue the works
of the Lord through Pastor Timothy L. Cole, Sr.
and First Lady Cole.

West Friendship Baptist Church will continue to do
the works of the Lord, to stay the course because a
strong foundation was laid, a foundation of spiritual
anointing, not just a brick and mortar foundation.

What a might God we serve that allowed us to have
Reverend Wilson in our lives event for a moment.
Peace, Grace and Love to Reverend Richard Lee Wilson, Sr.
and his family. His voice cannot be quieten, stilled
or quieted because it remains in each of us.

Published in the Florida Times-Union on
November 10, 2011

WILSON Rev. Dr. Richard Lee Wilson, Sr, 85, passed
away November 2, 2011. Rev. Wilson was a native of
Jacksonville, FL where he served as pastor of
West Friendship Baptist Church for over 55 years.

He was the first African American Housing Inspector
under the late Mayor Louis Ritter (1961-1971).
Rev. Wilson also served as the Secretary of the
Board of Trustees for Florida Memorial University,
Miami Gardens, FL.

He is survived by a loving, devoted and caring wife
Queen E. Wilson, 7 sons; Richard, II (Rochelle),
Lawrence, Bruce, Roderick, Maurice (Laurece) Anthony
and Micheal; 3 daughters; Kathleen Handy, April Wilson
and Dawn W. Cole (Rev. Timothy);
2 brothers, Charles Morrison (Minnie) and Eugene
Morrison (Delores) Miami, FL; 36 grand children,
several great grands and great- great grands,
nieces, nephews, cousins.

Interment will Monday, November 14, 2011 at 11am
in the Jacksonville National Cemetery.

Arrangements are in the trusted hands of

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