October 17, 2011

Diabetical In My Body

Psalms 86:7 (NIV) “When I am in distress, I call to you,
because you answer me.”As I listen to my Pastor and church
choir sing, “Down In My Soul” I reflect on the challenges
that this new onset of diabetes is taking me on. The survival
rate of what I have been through as a Black man over 45
years of age is statistically low.

First surviving a PE (pulmonary embolism) or blood clot
that traveled from my leg to my lung in December 2006, the
doctors said I should have died, now in 2011 having survived
a blood sugar level over 700 for several weeks. The doctors
said I should either be in a diabetic coma or dead.
I survive because I believe God still has a purpose for me.
Just as He has a purpose for all of us. The challenges that
life throws at a person can either break you, cause you to
go into depression, make you suicidal or just cause a person
to lose their mind.

My determination to these physical circumstances is to
continue too, and increase my praise and worship to God.
I refuse to give into physical challenges of my body and
continue even more to allow God to use me as a testimony
and example to his Kingdom.

The statement “everything happens for a reason” is
almost equal to, “what does not kill you makes you stronger.”
I grow stronger in the knowledge that I’m doing good
works in my community and diabetes just increases my
resolve and determination to be more involved in my
community and church. I cannot waste time nor will
I blame God, curse the devil, look at possible
generational heredity imperfections from my parents
for diabetes, blood clots or hypertension (high blood
pressure); all I can do is pull Jesus closer to my heart
and cry, “lead me to do the works you would have me to do.”
More of my brothers (of all races and cultures) need to
say these words and mean them.

Learning about diabetes now is like a crash course in
biology, chemistry, and psychology, it just goes to show
circumstance and situations in physicality can teach you
to appreciate life and how delicate it can be.
My Pastor (Timothy Cole, Sr.) is preaching that God says
“He (God) is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.” In
reply to that I say God is the God of William Derek Jackson
and I will praise his name within my heart and publically
voice His name where God’s name needs to be heard.

As men experience physical challenges that try to keep
them distracted from doing the job of fathers and men,
we need to be more involved with our families, communities
and churches. Fighting off that which keeps us from doing
“Good Works” in our homes, communities, schools and churches.

Learning from the experiences of diabetes many men do
not share their experiences to be a blessing to others.
Not to bring self pity or notoriety to themselves, but to
teach others how to prevent ill health and improve
their health as they mature.
My journey through diabetes will be a testimony to God
and a knowledge experience for myself and others. I hope
to share my triumphs with others to prevent others
from falling victim to this physical and emotional
challenge. I survived a blood sugar level of above 600
to 700, survived loosing over 20 pounds in several
weeks, dehydration, waning vision, physical instability
and memory loss.

Lessons learned; Knowledge gained; Spirit rededicated.

I ask those that are reading this or viewing my Youtude
video if you experience some or all of these symptoms
to get medical attention soon. Your survival and your
family’s peace and happiness may depend on your proactive
energies to check your physical well being.

Watch your diet, consistently exercise, take time for
yourself to mentally relax and refocus on what is
important in life. As my grandmother of over 90 years
old taught me that, “Nothing beats peace for mind, body
and soul.”So my mind is on peace, my body is growing
healthy and my soul has a better relationship with Jesus.

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