September 20, 2011

A Good Hard Man

Presented this Sunday, September 19, 2011
In Honor of Pastor Timothy Lanier Cole, Sr.
Sixth Year Anniversary
by William Jackson and Cheryl Littles
Here the sermon at Youtube.
A Good Hard Man – Poem
Our Pastor sometimes has a thankless job
In many different ways;
He gets a lot of helpful hints,
But sometimes gets so little praise!
The time he has is not always his own
He’s not like other men; he is a Man of God
Right when he thinks some time is his
There rings that phone again!
Someone is sick or needs advise, or in tears
And asks for him to call or come by
And as God’s man they know he’ll try to come,
And hardly mind at all.
The wisdom of King Solomon
Is all he needs each day but the peace of
Doves when dealing sometimes with
demonic thugs
To lead his flock and keep them safe
From Satan’s cunning ways!
Like Jesus he prays for his sheep
Prays faith will never dim;
But when we lift our prayers to God
How many pray for him?
So let’s be faithful to that one
Who helps us day by day we may not see his face
but his words God does hear for our faith.
Let’s not forget our man of God
When we kneel down to pray!
Dissecting the books of the Bible there are mentions
of many Good Hard Men throughout Biblical History.
Depending upon an individuals specific criteria in
their individualist line items of a Good Hard Man.
A person’s importance is insignificant
to the opinion of men but important to the
determination of what a Good Hard man is to God.
Today we will be discussing the ramification of becoming a
Good Hard Man. You have to be hard in your conviction
when you dedicate your life, your essence your very being of
becoming a Man of God.
In Genesis Adam was a Good man, he was the First Man.
Created in God’s image as we all are. He was Brown skinned,
vertical (he stood upright) had nice hair, nice teeth,
nice eyes, nice skin and overall a nice guy.
How can I say this?? Because God Made Him.. Just as God
Made Pastor Cole, with a little help from Mrs. and Mrs. Cole..
Words precede those born of the service of the Lord.
Appropriately from Isaiah 49 Listen, unto me; and hearken,
ye peoples: Jehovah hath called me from the womb; from the
womb of my mother hath he made mention of my name: and he
hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his
hand hath he hid me: and he hath made me a
polished shaft; in his quiver hath he kept me close:
and he said unto me, Thou art my servant; Timothy,
in whom I will be glorified.
Noah was a good man even though he was known to take a
nip, a sip, and a few gulps from time to time.
God thought enough of him to be a good man because
of the responsibilities that he placed on Noah.
Moses was a good man even though in Biblical history
he killed a man, but he followed God’s word and freed
a nation. Moses was a good hard man. If you notice
each of these men all Good Hard men were tools of God.
Who are we as human beings even though we are in step
with the Angels to question who is or who is not a
Good Hard man for God. Only God makes this determination
in his wisdom and we can see that God is always right,
tight and just right….
Come On Sister Price and church folks show me what ya know
make a joyful noise with your feet and the musicians tap of a melody of praise.
Let God hear West Friendship Praise his name and
honour his servant Pastor Cole.
I stand here physically at this pulpit and glance
at our congregation and see agreement and excitement
as I address our Pastor Timothy Lanier Cole, Sr.
I know this is the right time the right hour and
the right place as I feel the energy from the
Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church,
in Barrington, IL
“When the Holy Spirit is in charge…lost people
are getting found, and found people are growing
up, and lonely people are getting enfolded, into
the church body and bored people are finding a
purpose and a cause, and the poor are being cared
for.” Pastor Cole leaves no one out from his
teachings and preaching’s we are all enfolded in
his responsibility as our shepherd and spiritual
As I allude to the respect that is earned by a
man of God such as Pastor Timothy Cole, that we
not glorify the man, because as the peoples of
God we can only Glorify God, but we can honour
and pay respects to the Man of God.
Our Pastor has the Ministerial rights, privileges,
spiritual liberties, and duties to guide us as
our Shepherd what God deems necessary. “The ultimate
measure of a man is not where he stands in moments
of comfort and convenience, but where he stands
at times of challenge and controversy.”
Martin Luther King Jr.
All men have faced controversy, but it is the
Men of God that not only preserver but exceed
the traumas, challenges and trials of a human
existence. He is put here to guide us and
set us with Godly Principles.
David in the Bible faced many trials and
tribulations, some inflicted by men, some
inflicted by circumstance and some self
inflicted, but as my title states A Good Hard
Man. Who would have thought a small shepherd
boy that herded sheep and possibly other animals
that shepherds manage could be called by God
to kill a Giant like Goliath. David was called
to be king, but had to go through some tough
stuff to be a Good Hard man. This had to happen
in order for him to be prepared to do Gods work.
Dr. King stated, “If a man is called to be a
street sweeper, he should sweep streets even
as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed
music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He
should sweep streets so well that all the hosts
of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here
lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”
We celebrate not a street sweeper but a soul
saver. A man as was mentioned before who has
Vision. The key elements of vision are 3 Things
All Leaders Must Do To Make Vision A Reality’
Cast It Live It and Celebrate It in the mighty
name of Jesus and Pastor Cole is doing just
that. You know how we can tell this is working
just look at the young boys who want to preach
because they see and enveloped in the anointing
of Pastor Cole. Our Pastor is exceptional
because he encourages our young boys and girls
to preach the word of God.
Not to many Pastors encourage the growth of
other Pastors. In the eyes of God here is a
man in Timothy Cole, Sr. that is many things.
A man, a father, a son, a role model, a teacher,
a preacher, a thief (because he is stealing us
away from satan despite our sometimes hardheaded
ways), a husband, and as equally our Man of God.
Pastor Timothy Lanier Cole, Sr.
We honor you with our love, our devotion our quest
to be the Saints of God that Jesus would want us
to be. We can only get there through your
teaching, preaching and leading.
Here the sermon at Youtube.

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