August 5, 2011

Black Males In Education

Black Males in Education
Dr. William Cosby, (Bill Cosby) stated,
"Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world for
positive influences."

As a third generation teacher I wanted to encourage, inspire,
empower, bless and provide confidence to my brother
Education as a whole needs more certified male teachers to be
positive role models, but the need for Black Males in education
is important. This is not to say other cultures are not effective
educators, but from my personal experiences, the influences
of Black male teachers in my life; the cultural awareness,
relevance to life experiences and need to see a face that is
my color was important to me and others growing up in an
urban setting.
It provided a sense of stability, encouraged self worth and
even though my father was not a part of my life other men
stepped up and took upon the roles as father, mentor and
educator. Even though all my friends had fathers in their
homes and I did not I'm as successful as them because of
the influence and support of other Black males.

Black Males in Education * Understand the importance,
value and need of education to be successful in American
society. They know education is the key to economic stability.
BME * Take responsibility for helping young Black boys and
young Black girls to grow into mature and responsible
Black adults.
BME * Understand the challenges of being Black and male
in American society and try to share their positive experiences
with Black children that are not their own. To help them
value education, hard work and teach morals and values.
BME * Understand that they will be viewed as Black first
above their degrees, salaries, cars, and clothes so must
display professionalism and confidence at all times.
BME * Understand they may be the only positive Black
male role model in a young Black males and females life.
They must try to inspire, motivate, and educate at all times.
BME  * Understand that they are always under a microscope
by parents, administrators and society so must
always conduct themselves professionally.
BME * Understand they make sacrifices choosing education
as a career choice. They do it for the love of children and the
opportunity to be a positive influence in society.
BME * Understand they are sometimes viewed as the
Custodian, Athletic Coach, Yard Person, Bus Driver or
Cafeteria Worker, but no matter someone else's perception
they are still positive forces in the education of youth.

BME  * Understand their responsibility for their families,
but sometimes must put others before themselves and
their families. Sometimes they sacrifice to save another
life outside of their family or bring others into their family.
BME * Understand that they are not Superman and cannot
save every child no matter how hard they try. They still try
their best to make a difference for all children.
BME * Do not always get the emotional, spiritual and mental
support they need when working with children in school and
the community, but they press forward and do important work.
BME  * Are sometimes viewed as arrogant, cocky, indifferent,
and thuggish when in fact they emanate intelligence,
creativity, drive, accountability, spirituality, discipline and
strength of mind and will.

These attributes and more are the strengths that Black
male teachers display in their classrooms schools and
communities. C. G. Woodson (Mis-Education of the Negro)
"Real education means to inspire people to live more abundantly,
to learn to begin with life as they find it and make it better.

BME * Understand when they show caring, peacefulness,
love, empathy, and sympathy they maybe viewed as soft,
gay, unintelligent, incompetent and unprofessional. They are
smart enough to know when to be tough with kids and when
to show compassion.
BME * Understand that they have a responsibility to be the
best they can be every day because they know someone is
always watching and judging them.

Written in the Education of the Negro, by C.G. Woodson,
"almost every Colored person who could read and write was
a missionary teacher among his people." What has happened
to the Black community today when our schools are threatened
with closure, sanctions and state internetions.

Black Male Teachers though few in number carry a power
and influence that can raise the potential of Black male and
female students. Sometimes it is just the presence of a teacher
that inspires. I'm proud to be a Black Male Teacher because I
know who I' am, how important I 'am, how important I' am to
my students, my peers, and my community. I'm not ashamed
to say I love my students for their talents, abilities and potential
to make the world a better place.

Society should not feel threatened by Black Male Teachers
intellectualism, should not be apprehensive about Black Male
Teachers articulation, and not scared of Black Male Teachers
dedication to being a Black Male Teacher. Society should
encourage male teachers, praise them, pray for them, and
support them. Black male teachers show society not all Black
men are thuggish, undisciplined, irresponsible, lazy and uneducated.
We have a responsibility to our families, our communities,
our churches and our children.

Malcolm X stated "Education is the passport to the future, for
tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

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