July 9, 2011

Come To Jesus on Social Media

Come To Jesus On Social Media
Having heard the term on several occasions, I wondered
how this would apply to the use and misuse of Social Media.
We are all accountable in some way from the creation
of our digital footprints, but to what levels? Technology
allows us to "digitally speak" our minds, hearts, share
ideologies, express spirituality, show judgments, even our
biases, racist ideas and philosophical opinions.

The interpreted sins and actions in social media and
accountability in religion and society should be discussed.
In the House of Worship of many religious denominations more
people text, tweet, FB and share content than ever before.
Outside the House of Worship actions run rampant and
detrimental, relationships can be built, friendships established
or destroyed, lives changed and marriages disrupted.

Anthony Weiner, former U.S. House of Representative, Darrell Gilyard, former Pastor, Brian Doyle, former Deputy
Press Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security,
former Educator Stephen Wise, former Minister Robert Primavera.

Job 4:21 (KJV)
, "their excellence which is in them go away?
they die, even without wisdom."In Job 4:21 wisdom is lacking,
without wisdom there is a lack of understanding, blatant sin
and stupidity. I have faith the Weiner Saga, Gilyard scandal,
Doyle child porn embarrassment, and others teaches a lesson
when creating or searching for digital content, to be careful of
what and where we post and access content.

Applying the events of Weiner, those that use Text, Twitter,
FB and other social media, blindly sending content to those
who are reading words and viewing pictures has consequences.
There are ramifications socially, ethically and potentially
professionally. Texting and tweets, we are producers of content,
but that content can be our undoing in multiple ways
in social interaction, ethically displayed in our intentions in
relationships. Morally in our ideologies and how we perceive the
world and people in it especially in the case of Doyle
and children. The mislead idea is that our digital content and
cyber-footprints do not follow us into the real world.

Just as Neo of The Matrix (1999) was able to transcend the
Matrix realm to the realm of reality this holds true today. Who
would have imagined a movie would help define the ramifications
of our digital lives would affect our corporal existences
in such profound ways. Weiner is not the only one that was
undone by his digital content, there will be others afterwards
that have the erroneous idea that they are impervious to
the unseen social media worlds that connect in electronic
devices.  Our online content defines and represents us, "A man
or woman is defined more by their thoughts, which
can be seen in their actions, which determines their character"
(http://www.online-literature.com/, 2006).

Technology allows parts of our character to be exposed which
in turn is deployed in our online actions. Technology is a tool
that can create opportunities for good and bad, in the light
of productivity. The term "Come to Jesus" is a term made reference
that everyone is accountable in their actions (weakness,
ignorance, stupidity, and pride). Darrell Gilyard a former Pastor
using texts for inappropriate communications with minors.
Being accountable for our actions, held responsible in digital
terms for our content, Jesus (if you are a Christian)
holds us accountable for our actions no matter what tools are used.

Respect given to the Holy Quran accountability is addressed also
for Muslims; "Lessons from the Quran"
So the concept and application of accountibility is universal.

The more we use technology, the more technology allow us to
do; does not give us permission because we can do something
(Tweet, Skype, Blog) we should do it and create questionable
content. Many forget that once we press Return/Enter,
click Ok/Send the transfer of information is instant and cannot
be recalled. No amount of prayer will delete or divert this digital
exchange and the content will never go away. It is stored on a
server somewhere in the world.

There is a law of "Guaranteed Return", you are guaranteed a
return on your actions and with actions there is always a
reaction.  Sen. Henry J. Allen (1925) stated that GR, "should
take on the immortality of usefulness."

Our use of technology makes our content immortal, by the
misuse of the creation and accessing of content that can
change the human action/reaction. We are mortal people, but
with technology can be immortal with our thoughts through text,
voices and pictures.
What will we create that will influence how people/history
remember us?

The Bible in Luke 6:39 (KJV); paraphrasing, how can our leaders
in politics, education, finance and even ministry lead us if they
are unethical in their digital content and online actions. Child porn,
gay porn, solicitation of sex in chat rooms, bestiality and the list continues.
Bloggers, Tweeters, and Skypers; creators of content
with technology must learn from the examples of Weiner, Gilyard,
Doyle and others who use the empowering digital tools for malicious behaviors.
The digital footprints we create represent us and creates
a legacy that cannot be deleted nor altered from the truth.
We are accountable for our content, no one influences us,
forces us, holds us hostage in creating the digital footprints
we produce.

In our minds eye we should be reminded our steps ultimately
lead straight to Jesus who will judge all our actions to determine
what direction we will eternally go.

Come To Jesus
Just thoughts of my own opinion.

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