November 22, 2010

E3 @ The Speed of Entrepreneurial and Business Thinking

Applying the concepts of technology integration to
E3 business direction and support mechanisms for entrepreneurs.
As it related to Bill Gates “Business @ the Speed of Thought”
A synopsis in applying digital infrastructure and digital nervous
systems to the concepts of sharing dynamic information in the
digital age.

The application of community entrepreneurs has grown
proportionally to the change in the ideology of its members to the
collaboration of business and community services. Community
service, not just with a hand shake, a pat on the back and a smile,
but a commitment to affirmative change. To be involved in a cause
that elicits grassroots involvement to do something substantial in
the lives of others. The change must be unselfish and direct in
it application.

Applied in concert to the philosophical statement, paraphrasing
Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see,” and the 20th
century rendition by Michael Jackson, “Start with the Man in the
Mirror”. Applies in Business @ The Speed of Thought the very
nature of business must change from product companies to service
companies that have a supportive and empowering service to offer.
That product may be a commodity or a tangible material possession;
more appropriately a service to “Educate, Encourage and Empower.”

E3 is moving forward in supporting businesses to be leaders
and empower them. What better way to empower and build
leadership than to become involved in the community. Business
leadership asks the question about this ideology WHY???
Why step out from the business side to the community side.
As Anthony Butler, Sr. Executive Director of E3 responds

What better way to build and empowered than to be involved in
ones community?

How can a CEO or Executive Director, President or head of
HR broker business deals and manage hundreds of thousands of
employees, but cannot volunteer for a cancer walk, attend a
forum to discuss racial diversity or share their knowledge
and experience in the application of ethics that even some of
our current City Council members struggle with.

Grassroots community involvement can be synonymous to
building a community nervous system. Just as Bill Gates talks
about the integration of technology into all aspects of information
sharing, Mr. Butler carries the application in a similar direction
with a personal touch of a community nervous system.
Where members of E3 who are entrepreneurs, business owners,
educators, fitness specialists, attorneys, law enforcement and
others are involved in their passion for community service, but
collectively nurturing resources for support.

The concept of Business @ the Speed of Thought is transparent
when our system of collaboration and connectivity supports true
collaboration. Using technologies to spread the Word about our
passion for community service initiatives that have a direct and
fundamental impact on children and families. We as E3 support
each other as a foundational family. Building each other up and
supporting ideas, initiatives, resources that bring people together
in a proactive and positive direction. The misconception that support
must come monetarily is erroneous, but comes in the Speaking of
success, the sharing of resources so the proverbial “Wheel” does not
have to be rebuilt again and again. E3 uses the “flow of information”
as Bill Gates has expressed to provide tools that would not have been
available singularly or as cost effectively.

E3 members have access to a web presence, social media infrastructure
on Facebook, Twitter and Webinators. The ability to record digitally a
face to face interview that promotes your business. Just ask Kevin Cobbin
about his interview. E3 members must avail themselves to these technologies.
If you do not realize this ask Bill David of Snow Owl about the benefits
of Social Media and Nicholas McClenton a rising star in technology.

Using technology as a social medium makes gathering information inclusive
and productive. E3 provides the access to information to “educate” seekers
of information not just giving links and web content. Borrowing the concept
of “an educated customer is a better customer” from Bill Gates. Information
technology balances the needs of the customer to the services of the business.

Balancing a web work style with a web life style. The building of communities
for personal and business use can be seen from the dynamic creation of Nings,
MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Avatars, and other social networking sites.
Using the technology as to tool to teach others about what your business can
and will do. E3 has the tools to help you grow, use them the cost is too
high not to....

Apply the concepts of E3’s mechanism for the integration of technology to
build a solid business, entrepreneurial and community foundation.

E3 @ Warp Factor 10

William Jackson and Cheryl Williams
Vice President E3 Business Group North Florida Chapter

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