November 1, 2010

E3: Entrepreneurial Growth in Northeast Florida

The growth, success and prosperity of a business is not by the bottom line,
but by the community activism, civic participation, mentorship, and
volunteering nature of its employees.

E3 Business Group has made significant steps to assist teens and
young adults by opening its collective arms and working in the
community. Members can be found in southern Florida, North Carolina,
Maryland and even in Texas.

E3 is spearheading the way with involvement beyond just the business
of doing business, but sharing its business knowledge and resources
with young adults that are future entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
Young business minded women and men that have a business mindset,
but also want to contribute to their communities by “giving back” as
mentors, role models and serving as a support system to boost self
confidence and self esteem for their peers.

Theme to: Educate, Encourage and Empower
E3 Business Group social hosted by the Beaver Street Enterprise Center
of Jacksonville, Florida. The semimonthly meeting attended by E3 members
in addition to their invited guests. To the delight of those in attendance,
it was pointed out where would you find such a diverse group that welcomed
each other like family, engaged in positive and productive dialogue that
focused on civic duty, civic precedence and growth in programs and
activities that touched the lives of young people.

The energy of the meetings besieged thoughts of economic down fall,
educational deficiency, unemployment statistics, or racial tension.
Respect, cordiality, honor, friendship and ethics where displayed by
African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Latinos, Asians, and the list
goes on.

In these economic challenges, most businesses are slinking back from
community involvement, but E3 Business Group and its members have a
mindset for community development and supporting entrepreneurial growth
are forging ahead to do more. They are the forces of ethical and civic responsibility that coincides with E3 and its mission.

The meetings will be presided by William Jackson teacher with Duval
County Public Schools and teachology/technology instructor with Community
Education; Business, corporation, entrepreneur and individual are
invited to talk briefly about what they do, how they do it and its
collective impact on the community. There was no need to discuss bottom
lines, line items, budgets, HR challenges, this was a time to forge
ahead to support each other and the growth of E3 as a collective body;
as the body of E3 grows this allow all businesses to grow by its
collective strengths. Each business shared a desire to support more
mentoring, internships, their responsibility for civic accountability,
ethics in business, role modeling and sharing resources.

Anthony Butler, Sr. Executive Director of E3 enthusiastically shares
the achievements in the growing involvement with middle and high school
with the powerful “Accuse Yourself of Success” presentation. This
presentation is geared toward youth to show they have choices in their
lives and not to give into social and economic challenges that try to
keep them from being academically and socially successful. Using his
example of growing up in the roughest areas of Baltimore, Maryland
and showing the transformation from his tough inner city life to
developing into the successful business person he is today with a
mindset on business relationships, business development and civic

“The Accuse Yourself of Success” presentation is a tool for schools
to use to help achieve goals of ownership in education. It targets
youth between the ages of 11 and 18 who need to take ownership of
their educational success and social responsibility. ”Accuse Yourself
of Success” has already been performed at several middle and high
schools in Duval County. Recognition of additional business and
community awards and honors were shared with everyone present. These
community awards justify and solidify the positive work that E3 is
doing in the community, the recognition that it is receiving and
continued growth potential.

E3 Is It In You???? Come out and talk to E3 members in the community.

E3 – Educate, Encourage and Empower.. Mission - To enhance entrepreneurs
with the mindsets, skills, and processes which allow them to become
leaders of successful businesses and support their efforts to affect
change within their communities and lives.

“Real Talk… Real Change II – Are YOU Living COLOR” This event will
look at the mindsets and the issues which surround racism and
prejudice in NE Florida and how it affects our ability to do business
as entrepreneurs and as advocates in NE Florida.
The event will be held on Thursday, January 27, 2011.
Vendor opportunities and sponsorships are available for this event.
Attendance is expected to be 500.

For more information: Email:
Phone: 888-525-2299 x119
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