November 18, 2008

The Bar Has Be Raised for American Children By Our Future President

The Bar Has Be Raised for American Children By Our Future President
"There are no excuses for growth in our children"

As I sat there at 1:50 am on a Wednesday, November 5th morning still mentally trying to grasp the significance of the Tuesday, November 4th election results it dawned on me that our children/young people have no excuses for continuing to have saggin pants to portray some sort of message of rebellion and defiance against society and authority; all our young men: Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and others have no excuses for their academic failings in our school systems. Our young ladies have no excuses for getting on welfare and being welfare mothers and perpetuating this lifestyle to their children; parents have no excuses for not working with their child’s teachers for they are possibly raising another President or governmental official. As the slogan stated these past months, “there needs to be a change” and “change is coming”, but the change needs to come from our cognitive decisions to follow a man who has set a great example of hard work, dedication and not falling into a typical stereotype as a Blackman or child of a single parent household. Our children and young adults have no excuse for staying unemployed and seeking a hand out or making excuses why not to work or why they cannot learn. Our young adults in high schools across this country have no excuses for not graduating from high school and continuing on to college, trade school or a career in the military.

We as a people have no excuses for not rebuilding our communities; we have no excuses for not empowering and supporting our churches. There are no excuses for not supporting our President-elect soon to be the 44th President of these United States. We have no excuses for not taking pride in ourselves, our culture and our heritage. There are untold millions of people that participated in the “Movement” from the early 50’s to the 60’s and continuing even to today, just to afford Mr. Obama a opportunity to run for any office let alone the highest office of this land. There is no excuse for educational ignorance, racial prejudice, and low self esteem of our children, especially minority children who claim that there are no role models and everyone they see in the government or in power is White. There is no excuse for young adults and older adults to blame the fact that they did not have a father in their lives as many do to give purpose and reason behind their chosen failures and willingness to be financial and criminal burdens on society. There is no excuse for any of that now.

Our President-elect has shown that you can be successful being raised by a single mother and grandmother without a father. Now that we have a different face as a President-elect and soon to be the President of the United States of America, what excuse is there for us as a people not to be successful. To make a defining decision to work hard for our success and not let obstacles or excuses get in the way. As Michelle Roberts, Publisher of “Just Sayin”
( stated, “in disproportionate numbers we’re still lamenting and blaming “the man”. This idea or perception cannot be used as an excuse any more. We have a role model that has shown that you can have a Black man who was raised by his mother and grandmother not having excuses for perpetuating a thug persona, selling drug, committing crimes, and disrespecting the opportunity for education. He does not have an “I blame the system” nor the slave mentality that many minorities still seem to suffer from of blaming everyone else for their ignorance. I have not heard of any stories about President-elect Obama where he is trying to impregnate as many woman as possible trying to live some fantasy life as a governmental Pimp or Mack daddy.

Unlike the last Democratic President who had rumors and accusations of being “like a Black man” in his sexual urges and extra-marital affairs. Now we have a true Black man who has set a higher standard, is he going to be respected just as much if not more?I hope and pray that not just people of color see this, but all Americans that as a collective whole we can accomplish great thing if we just put aside our differences of color, religion and socio-political and economic differences. Now is the time to learn where we need to be going. We have just witnessed that “during our lifetimes, we all have many experiences and we all learn things. Whether or not you apply those academic and life lessons to your present circumstances shows whether or not you possess wisdom” Alan Riley. As I follow the teachings of my Senior Pastor Rudolph McKissick Sr. and my Bishop Rudolph McKissick, Jr. there is guidance and teaching to acquire and use wisdom. In their teachings it is imperative to gain wisdom to guide and reinforce our understanding and responsibilities of being citizens of this world and how to behave in this world as a united people.Written in ESV version of the bible, “Keep them and do them, for that will be your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the peoples, who, when they hear all these statutes, will say, 'Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people' Deuteronomy 4:6 (ESV).

This election has shown the world that we are still a great nation no longer saying that one race or one people have all the answers, but collectively we can accomplish a global change in the world. Stated by Earl L. Small, “My people I say to each of you that anything is suddenly possible and all goals are ours to conquer and the only limitations are those that are self imposed. The long journey that started all those years ago within the dark bowels of those slave ships, whose very decks were stained with the blood of our ancestors, the same blood that flows through each of us, joining and binding our history and heritage reminds us of the same journey that has taken us thru slavery and the cotton fields of the south, and led us to the pulpit of a visionary Pastor from Ebenezer Baptist Church named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who foretold all of this in his "I Have A Dream" speech....” Earl L. Small (The Jacksonville Minority Professionals Network). There should be no more lamenting that this is not my country from Blacks/African Americans, he is not my President, “he don’t look like me”, by any Blacks/African Americans or whatever people of color, shade or degree are willing to call themselves. Now they have a face to motivate and inspire them. If this does not do something for the millions of minority children and young adults today they are truly trifling in their decisions to accept failure and do nothing to improve their lives. In the words of Judge Greg Mathis, “Young men: Put down your guns, pull up your pants, and pick up a book. Take your education seriously. If you are a father, be responsible. Support your child financially and emotionally. Young women: Turn off the radio when a sexist and demeaning song comes on. It doesn’t matter if "the beat is hot;" you must have more respect for yourselves”.

Maybe now with change evident these words will now ring true for our young people in the 21st century.There is no educational, professional or personal goal that is out of reach for any of us no matter if we are African American, Native American, Asian American, Hispanic American, European American, Haitian American, Jewish American, German American, Jamaican American and so forth. This is our President-elect that we have voted into office. As President-elect Obama has stated it is now time to get to work as all Americans.

William Jackson, M.Ed.
"Copyright William Jackson, All Rights Reserved 2008"

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